Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Working for a Living

So it has been an interesting couple of weeks.  There's been lots of driving, and learning, but the biggest thing was working for the state.

A few weeks before I had my first interview with PIVOX, I got a requests for applications from the the California Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists (CBPELSG).  Other than being a typical application, it asked for a list of counties worked in, and the kind of work done there.

Then in the first week after I was hired, I got a phone call telling me I had been selected to review a case, and that the documents would be on their way to me.  They arrived a week or so later, and I was to review documents related to a case closure that was being appealed.  The geologist who had approved closure of the site was being asked to reverse his decision, or the complainant would request censure.

I spent the evenings of about a week looking the documents over, reviewing the last three quarters of the site, and making my decision.

So I got that in the mail this weekend, and just in time, because Friday night, I got sick.It started with itchy eyes, and by Saturday morning half of my head was plugged up, and I slept until 10:00.  Sunday was the same. Monday I stayed home, and did a little work, but ended up falling asleep during Monday Night Football.

I'm in the office today, and I'm drinking as much water as I can.

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