Thursday, April 30, 2009

Annual Review

Ahhhh, once again a pleasant experience.

Kleinfelder was the Bizarro-ETIC.

Seattle - Monday

Monday morning Dian was nice enough to care for my blisters by draining them and rebandaging them. After that, shoes were not so insanely painful.

For breakfast, we drove (thank you) to a restaurant in the University district. I had challah French toast that was incredibly good.

Then we drove downtown and parked at the Seattle Library. That is one amazing building. Dian got me good by making me go up several escalators to look out the top. She knows my fear of heights (note how I never said I went up in the Space Needle), but this wasn't too bad. I was able to distract myself with the architecture and the scenery. Then she made me ride the elevator back down.

Then we walked (much more slowly than Saturday and Sunday) to the Utilikilts store. We had to kill some time at another book store until Utilikilts opened, but when there I bought a heather gray Mocker. Just like the one in the picture. It's kind of like a dress slacks version of the utilikilt. I had wanted a denim one, but they've been discontinued.

But we did a little more walking and I can use this picture to prove I was really there.

And then it was time to go home, so I was driven to the airport, and Dian went on to a meeting and rehearsal for her next show. The flight back was a little rougher with a young boy behind me who kept kicking my seat. I would look back at his mother who would apologize and then reprimand him by holding him down or something. At that point he would begin screaming because he was (apparently) being stifled. I was glad to have my headphones on at that point.

Then I got home and Jennifer took me to La Piñata for a return margarita. And that night I related her my entire trip.

Seattle - Sunday

Oh the distances travelled on foot this day...

Sunday began with a walk uphill on Queen Anne to a cool breakfast place that was originally a house. I had a waffle this time, and while it wasn't very warm, it was good and came with some really good bacon.

Then we walked down Queen Anne, back to Seattle Center and went to the Science Fiction Museum. I made a long list of books that I want to read, and enjoyed lots of cool props from television and movies.

And so, we went back up hill.

We stopped for a snack at Chocolopolis. They had a wide selection of chocolate bars, and then some crafted pieces of chocolate. I got a bar of 94%, a dark chocolate truffle with nibs, and a butter chew with gold flakes.

And then down hill (a little) and across the Highway 99 bridge. Under the bridge we saw the Fremont Troll, and then we headed down hill to the Fremont Sunday Market. We walked through the market, and headed around to Theo Chocolate. That's Theo, short for Theobromine. And at Theo, they had borken up samples of every bar they sell, all for the tasting. If I had not jsut bought some 94%, I woudl have bought their Theo Venezuela Dark Chcolate 91% bar. But I had enough samples to carry me through. I did get Jennifer a Dark Chocolate With Orange bar, a bag of roasted nibs, and two peanut butter confections that turned out to be like butter fingers.

We walked back through the market, adn I found a Herkimer diamond with two little crystals growing on it's side. When i get a picture taken of ti, I'll be sure and post it. Dian immediately asked what I plan to do with it.


I said figure a way to display it with the other two that I ahve.

After the market we had lunch, and then walked to the Gasworks Park. At teh top of a hill there is a human sun dial where you stand at a specified location depending on the day of the year, and your become the gnomon for the sundial. It's very pretty with bronze inlaid in concrete in the form of signs of the zodiac.

From the gasworks we walked to the University, and hit several bookstores including two comic book shops.

And we then walked back to the apartment taking the lower Fremont Bridge back to Queen Anne.

Total round trip at least 12.5 miles.

Here and here you can see my blisters if you really want to. The one on my right foot had a little blood in it.

I put band-aids on them to protect them, and we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens. I enjoyed it, and now I have to take Jennifer to see it too.

Seattle - Saturday Night

After getting cleaned up, Dian and I went to sushi for dinner. It was a really good restaurant she knew of that has happy hour food. We got three rolls, a sushi assortment, a tempura plate, and my beer for less than $30. The dinner experience was great too with some more good conversation (like we hadn't been talking all day while we walked), and she dropped some hints about the musical. All of which would become obvious during the show, but I went in completely ignorant about.

Then we drover over to the theater, and stopped at a nearby place for dessert. I had an excellent chocolate cupcake that had that fancy hard and smooth icing on it with a soft icing flower on top. All in chocolate. And combined that with a nice lemonade. Dian had a German chocolate cupcake with tea.

And then I finally decided this event was worthy of taking pictures. Only two, but I did at least take some.

Then we moved on to the musical. "Gutenberg! The Musical!" is a very funny show. It mocks big musicals (smoke and fog, turntables, multiple musical styles), as well as the selling process of a new production. It's a two man show with a pianist present for the music. All characters are denoted by cheap baseball caps that have the character's name written on the front. Very smart and very entertaining.

After the show, we went back to Dian's apartment and crashed to be ready for Sunday's incredible amount of walking.

Giants vs. Dodgers

Last night, Jennifer and I went to see the San Francisco Giants beat the Los Angeles Dodgers.

We took BART and walked from the Embarcadero station to AT&T Park, and then after the game back to the Powell Street station. That's about 2.5 miles round trip. Not the best thing for my blisters.

It was a fun time with good beer (Smithwick's and Guinness), good food (hot dog, ravioli, and soft pretzel), and a great crowd around us.

And watching a win is always an added bonus.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seattle - Friday and Saturday

The flight to Seattle was uneventful, and I got some good views of the world on the way. It was kind of cool to be flying over some glaciated mountains, and then suddenly this hummocky area. I couldn't see the volcano itself, but I knew from my old topographic map studies that Mt. Shasta was on the other side of the plane. And the flight was relatively quiet. It turned out there was a baby behind me the whole flight, but it never made a noise until we were on our descent.

Dian picked me up and we went back to her place and set up my palatial air mattress. It was my choice to stay with her because it just seemed like it would be easier than doing the hotel shuffle and coordination. Then we just chatted about things until after 11:00.

The next morning we started the day with breakfast (egg and sausage quesadilla for me), and then the walking began.

We continued downhill to the Olympic Sculpture Park. Wake was the most impressive, and I probably should have taken pictures, but there just wasn't a good way to get the impression of them in a picture. Their scale is such that it wouldn't carry over.

Then we looped around and walked through the Seattle Center. I didn't take a lot of pictures over the trip just because I didn't want all the typical touristy pix. I saw the Space Needle (whee.), and the remnants of the 1962 World's Fair.

Then we went to the NFFTY animation show. It was pretty cool with a couple good entries including an hour long LEGO animation. Not really a short with that length, but still pretty impressive. It took the kid who did it three years to make (20 minutes each year).

Then we walked downtown.

We followed the monorail (with the Simpsons song in my head) until it ended, we passed by Pike Place Market (we'd come back to it), and went on to Pioneer Square, and past that to a big bookstore. The cafe below ground at the bookstore is the one that they used as a model for the TV show Frasier. And on the way we passed the Seattle Utilikilt store. We were kind of... moving with purpose, so I got a promise that we'd come back later in the weekend. We backtracked to Pike Place Market, and wandered through that seeing the original Starbuck's store.

Then time was pressing, and we walked back to Dian's apartment to get cleaned up for dinner and Gutenberg! The Musical!...

The walk turns out to be over 7 miles, and is probably closer to 8. With lots of hills. And that was just a warm up for Sunday.

Seattle - On Approach

As you can probably figure, I was kind of stressed by the time I got to the Oakland Airport on Friday. I hadn't flown Alaska Airlines in a long time, so I wasn't familiar with their wing of the terminal. But I was hoping for a drink. Something to take the edge off. And the Southwest terminal has that Gordon Biersch restaurant...

No luck there, but there was a Chili's Too (like an express, I guess), so I went into the bar and ordered a margarita. The bartender looked at me and asked me for my ID.


I'll be 40 in July.

I shrugged, and showed my license, and enjoyed my margarita.

When I asked for the check, the bartender apologized for carding me.

I really didn't have a problem with it. It's kind of a lift to be taken for someone that age.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Before Seattle - DSL Wars

Thursday I came home to find that the computer was off because the power had gone off, and Jennifer had switched off the power switch tot he surge protectors. She has been taught well, but unfortunately that wasn't enough. She said the power had died, come back, and gone off completely. Apparently this was enough to kill the modem capabilities of the modem. It could still detect the computer, but it had lost it's ability to see the phone line and the DSL signal.

Of course this was not immediately apparent to me, and I called AT&T angry as usual with them, and got someone who sounded like they were from India. No service people could come out until Monday, but they said they would try to escalate.

Friday morning I got a computer call saying that the escalation had been denied. I called AT&T again and got suggestions from a hick sounding redneck from St. Louis. The primary suggestion was that the modem could have been fried by the power surge, and to try Best Buy for a new modem. Eventually, I rolled out and checked Best Buy. As it turned out, Best Buy as sold out of DSL modems. Apparently the old modems have been dropping like flies, and even their warehouse was empty of back stock.

The part I like was when I left and he called after me, "They are available online at" I was halfway to my car when it hit me how absolutely stupid this final advice was.

I got home, and called AT&T again this time getting a much nicer (and better spoken) man in St. Louis, told him about Best Buy being sold out and he asked if I had tried an AT&T store. I admitted I had not thinking them only for cell phones, but he pointed me to the one in Concord, on Monument, and I ran to get a modem. Jennifer is at this time coming back from working, and I was racing to get the system back up and running for the weekend before I left.

Finally, I got it all hooked up, with user name and password inserted, and low and behold there was the internet...

Thirty minutes before I needed to be on the road for the airport. I was wiped even before I started traveling.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Blisters and the Women Who Love Me

I am back, safe and sound; with blisters popped and herkimer's found.

The walking just about did me in on Sunday. I have big blisters (one on each heel), but Dian popped and drained them this morning before we did our final traveling, and Jennifer has done the same again before we go to bed.

I'll get a play-by-play of the weekend out tomorrow.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ow, is me.

Just a quick bit using Dian's computer today. We've done a lot of walking these past two days. yesterday was big and so was today. today was a little bigger in fact. I've got two big blisters, one on each heel. I feel bad because Dian feels bad, but it's not her fault. I'd never had a problem with these boots before. I guess hiking and urban-hiking are significantly different.

I'll probably be better just in time to go out in the field the first full week of May.

I'll be sure to do a full rundown of the weekend once I get home.

With pictures.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seattle - Phone Blogging

Today, lots of walking. Then sushi and the musical. Lots of fun and laughs. Tomorrow, the Sci-Fi museum, more walking, and maybe the Utilikilt store.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stripper Reunion


Absolutely awesome.

If it is really going to become a movie/documentary, I am so looking forward to it.

The home web page makes it look like it might be happening.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I should have said...

So yesterday evening, Jennifer and I figured out the colors for her miniature for the GURPS beginners game. It was a nice creative process involving chocolate and alcohol. I look forward to getting started on it. Probably not until I get back from Seattle though.

Tonight, I got to about 95% of the centaur. Click on the picture on the left and check it out. It still needs the black wash for contrast, and (through the pictures I've taken) I can see some thing I need to fix. But otherwise, I am very happy with how this turned out.
This picture was taken with my new camera. Costco is having a sale, and I got a new Olympus FE-370. It has a nice large display on the back, 8 mega-pixels and a 5x zoom. And the best part (especially when taking pictures of miniatures at full zoom with shaking hands) is that it has steady-cam. This thing is great.
I also got my hair cut today in preparation for my trip. And tomorrow night, I'm packing.
This is also the countdown for Guinness' 250-Year anniversary beer which comes out Friday.

Crap and a Half

Well, I forgot to post yesterday. Not completely, I thought of it last night before going to bed, but I thought I had written something earlier in the day.


Monday, April 20, 2009

An RPG Update

Life in roleplaying has been interesting of late.

With regards to miniature painting, I have discovered a new "tool". I am painting a centaur for Holly in my beginning GURPS group, and I wanted to make sure I had the right colors for her character. So I printed up full page pictures (pixelly, granted, but I'm not publishing these), and had her tell me, in general, what colors to put where. Then I took the sheet home this weekend and filled them in with colored pencils. The rough painting went amazingly fast. I tried taking pictures to share with her, but the figure is too small for easy focusing. I'm going to have to work on it. Anyway, I'm about half done with the centaur, and very happy with the results so far.

Moving next to the high level fantasy campaign, I'm still on a cliffhanger ending. My character, an Elf, was up against a dark knight, and I attempted to remove him by casting Entombment, a spell that send the subject ten feet underground in a state of suspended animation. He reflected the spell back on me, and I failed the resistance. So I sent myself ten feet underground into a state of suspended animation. On top of this I have a spell regularly cast that makes it difficult to find me using magical methods. I succeeded by a strong margin the last time I cast it and will be under the influence of that spell for 5 or 6 more hours.

And finally, there's the psionics campaign. Yes, we did dumb things, but my teleporter got away slightly panicking from the effects of claustrophobia. In an attempt to gather some more equipment, I got into a confrontation with some men with powerful guns. One managed to hit me with a shot, and though it didn't kill me, I had to immediately teleport to a hospital emergency room for care. And so that adventure ended with me in surgery.

I'm looking forward to the resolution of both of these dilemmas in the future.

Phone Blogging via Text

And now from my phone too. I'm all set for seattle. ...except for all that pesky packing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are you kidding me?

94 degrees?
Now I'm getting flashbacks of elementary school and the insane heat we had in the 70s.

E-Mail posts - The Review

Okay, so it looks like everything is working now. They'll look a little different both before and after editing, but that's all right.

Now I've got another toy to play with.

E-mail Posts

All right, I’m trying this again. After looking over the settings (and my drafts folder), it appears that I had set it up a little more securely so that things went to the Drafts Folder instead of posting.

That’s not going to work if I’m only doing this from e-mail anyway.

Of course I’m still going to have to go over this later to add keywords. Of course this is balanced by being able to use a smarter spellchecker.


Well, that didn't work. I looks like I'm going to have to learn some more before I do e-mailed posts. I shouldn't have tried it last night while I was half asleep. I don't know why I was so sleepy at 10:30, but as soon as I got back from the GURPS game, my eyes were rebelling. It felt like they were seceding on the drive home.

I'll look up, and better read the directions for making posts via e-mail, and that way I'll hope to be able to do some posts from Seattle a little more easily.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun Day Saturday

Good GURPS game today. I had a a lot of fun.

Very tired for some reason. I'm going to go read myself to sleep now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

White Witch, Black Curse

I think what intrigues me the most about Kim Harrison's books are their titles. Basing them on Clint Eastwood movies is really fun.

Although I need to look and see if Eastwood had anything to do with Dead Man Walking... (Not according to IMDB)

Anyway, this one stumped me a bit until I remember the movie of some famous author hunting in Africa: White Hunter, Black Heart.

As for the book, it's been great over the arc of the books to see Rachel Morgan become (mostly) responsible. She actually thinks before she gets herself into trouble, and does her damnedest to get herself out what she ends up in instead of going "woe is me" through half of the book. Harrison also ties in two short stories she wrote in Dates from Hell, and Holidays are Hell. The first is about Rachel as an eighteen-year-old, and the second is essentially how Ivy get matched up with Rachel in Inderland Security.

It only took me a little over two days to read, but this book will hold me until the next one. However, I am definitely eager for more.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Bits of Joy

I've got this reserved at the library now.

This one I'll have to wait until October. But how cool! The Patrician as referee. The librarian as Possibly goalie. Rincewind and Ponder Stibbons playing sport. And who are the cheerleaders? This is going to be great.
Unfortunately no word yet on the second Kingkiller book from Patrick Rothfuss. It's even been removed from Amazon.


I discovered something yesterday at the gym: listening to music while working out makes me work harder than listening to Smodcast.

Yesterday, because of the new Kim Harrison book in my hand, i decided to read while working out and listen to my rock playlist. This instead of listening to the latest SModcast, as has been my recent want.

And it turned out that by subconsciously matching my rhythm to the music instead of two mellow guys talking, I worked harder. My pulse went from edging close to 120 to being over 130 for most of the time in the gym.

A good thing to know.

Then on top of this, I have a bit of personal joy to share. At the beginning of March I had a physical related for my 40-Hour HAZWOPER certification, and found out I was down to about 195 pounds from anywhere between 200 to 205 for the end of last year. Tuesday I decided to check on the balance at the gym, with a little fewer clothes and without shoes. It turns out I am down to 190 pounds.

That was a nice little pick me up.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fascinating Weather

Yesterday's weather was exceptionally odd. I left the office at 3:30 to get to Costco to order a new box of contacts, and came out to the parking lot to see a low nearly black sky. Looking around, there were portions of sky to the west that were clear, bright, and blue, but what was over the east bay was ominous. Add to that the insane winds whipping the trees, and anywhere else in the country you could expect really nasty storms. I drove on, and only got some sprinkles.

After spending minimal time inside, I went out, bought gas, and drove home. Then it really rained on me. it reminded me of films of desert storms with the way it would taper off and then downpour even thought I was traveling in relatively a straight line.

I got home, changed, and went to the gym.

The drive was lightly rained on, and stopped by the time I got to the gym. it dried off while I was inside, but then when I was about 10 minutes from being done, it opened up again. While I'm walking to nowhere on the elliptical, I'm watching the waves of rain travel across the parking lot.

But the best part was the people all concern about their hair and clothes as they went in and came out of the gym. Now these are people who are already sweaty or planning on getting sweaty, and yet they are covering their hair and clothes (workout only that I saw). I had to laugh.

Then when I walked out to my car, I got to enjoy some rain and soft hail.

Finally as I was on my approach to home, I got to see that it had snowed on Mt. Diablo and the neighboring beak. And from my perspective there was a rainbow across the main peak. I wish I'd had a better camera than the crappy one on my camera at the time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catching Up

Okay, so it's been a busy time of energy draining activities.

Friday, although I was in the office, was a catch-up day getting things out by deadlines, and being ready for the coming Monday.

Saturday I ran part two of the beginner's GURPS game. They learned the importance of stealth (just because you succeed, does not mean you were undetected), and teamwork against a large force. No one died, but some were wounded, and they have some decisions to make by the next game.

Sunday, Jennifer and I tried to do some hiking, but the dogs off of leashes wrought some havoc with her. No bad incidents, just a strong fear based on bad experiences in the past. We left the Martinez/Lafayette hills, and went to the Martinez marshes. We saw a couple of new birds that we have yet to look up and identify. The nice part was the no dogs rule for most of the area since it's a bird preserve.

Then we went home, stopping for sushi on the way, and watched the last three episodes of this season's "Terminator - The Connor Chronicles", loving every minute, and then two episodes of "Reaper". This was interspersed with trips to the mall (all closed except for Sears) and Smart and Final for ice cream.

Yesterday was finally the last day of drilling in Santa Clara. For this project we broke ground on March 30, and with a few one day breaks, we finished two weeks later. Now I can relax in the office for a while before we return to Stockton for more wells. The weather yesterday was perfect for fieldwork: sunny, but diffuse with high clouds, and a slight breeze all day. Perfect short sleeve weather.

And then when I got home I found my package from Reaper Miniatures. Lots of lead figures, with a completion of wood elementals, and a centaur for Holly's beginner character and a new figure for Jennifer.

Now I'm just left with the little bits of work to finish my taxes.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah

My mood is less than literate right now. I haven't started the latest book on my list, and I'm really not in the mood to write anything.

Hopefully later this week when field work is over and done with for a while.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Late Again

I need to remember to blog earlier in the day. That way I'll be awake and able to blog more coherently.

The beginner's game went well again. Some frustration over low skill levels, but we all go through that phase.

More later.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sleep and Games

Pretty sleepy today. Or at least I am now. I'll probably go play solitaire on the iPod until I fall asleep. Not in a reading mood.

Got a GURPS game tomorrow. We're continuing the beginners' game. Hopefully it goes smoothly.

We'll see.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


My friend from school surprised me by being able to come see us work today instead of Monday. That was cool to show off what I do.

And then the other cool thing is that Monday will be the last field day for a little bit.

I'll be back out again, but hopefully I'll get a little break.

We'll see.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


(Well, it's certainly frustrating when Jennifer comes in to let me know that I've left the post up and forgot to publish it.)

It looks like Monday I'll have a friend from school (elementary, junior, and high) come out and visit the drill site down in Santa Clara. I haven't seen her since the reunion in 2007, and that'll be cool.

It's something to look forward to at least.

Not a lot else today, just catching up on office work.

And a little In 'n' Out for dinner.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Weather - the Aftermath

Well, we got our well installed just before the rains came again. We drilled down, and got our samples during the first rains, and then set the well in between storms.

It ended up that the heaviest rains hit while driving back to the office from Santa Clara. Gotta love the people who are afraid of the rain, but won't get out of the HOV lane because they are willing to go 2 miles per hour faster than the cats in the regular lanes.

Then when I got home it hailed a bit. So glad that didn't happen while we were working.

* * *

And now, after looking at the weather forecast, it appears that the rain is lingering...

So there's a good chance it will rain tomorrow and Thursday.

Oh joy...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Geek Rant

Adn now an aisde.

I'd just like to say that I'm tired of Lana Lang in Smallville.

First off, she's no longer cute; she's just become this scrawny looking thing when compared to Erica Durance. Maybe that's why they're no longer seem to be on the same episode anymore.

Second, she may be trying not to be whiny, but she's still annoying.

Third, I can't understand the drawing out of the Clark Lana romance, when it is inevitable, no matter how the show ends up being written, that Clark ends up with Lois.

So get rid of her already.

Ah, I feel better now.

Weird Weather

So the temperature climbed today and the sun beat down. After weeks of cold and wind, it was physically hard on us to be in such warmth. Tempers got a little short due to dehydration and heat and stress when the motor for the rig's pump failed. Luckily we got the well grouted up, but we lost time trying to get the final bit of grout out of the pump.

They'll get the well box set tomorrow morning before we get on site, and then we'll get the second well installed. Barring any lightning. Should there be any, we'll have to shut down and pull double duty on Wednesday. I'm optimistic (yes, big surprise) that we'll get it down though, as the call for possible thunderstorms is for the afternoon.


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Desdemona... I mean, Oklahoma

Today was a nice relaxing day. I had planned to go kite flying with Jennifer expecting big winds with the storm coming in. However, it turned out that the storm has been delayed,and the forecasts for both Martinez and San Francisco were calm with little or no wind.

So we stayed home. I did laundry, and painted a little. Then tonight I watched the Australian production of "Oklahoma!" with Hugh Jackman as Curly.

I had seen Hugh Jackman on "Inside the Actor's Studio" and he spoke about doing the musical. He said they had to speak the songs during rehearsal. Immediately the audience groaned because the first two lines of the musical are 'There's a bright golden haze on the meadow." Twice. The director told him, "If you can't think of a reason to say it twice yo0u can't say it at all."

It was also supposed to be a production that puts most of those done by Americans to shame

It was pretty amazing, and is well worth a watch.

(And for an explanation of the post's title go here.)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

What was I saying?

Okay, so things are sliding back to normality. I'll be in the field off and on this next week. Which days will be dependent on the work itself. No matter what we'll be back the following Monday to finish the last well.

I got to pick up my comics on the way back from Santa Clara on Friday, and I've been kind of off an on reading them. As well as updating characters for the next Psionics game and the game I'm running on Saturday.

And then there's writing fun letters to people. That's turning out to be more fun than I ever could have expected.

Finally, I'd just like to say that I want a light saber. there are times that the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series (which I can';t even link to over at LucasArts because they're so old) comes to mind, and I have this urge to drag a light saber across the walls at work. Then there's just the usefulness of a universal cutting tool.

I'm just saying.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Mad Geo Skillz

So after dealing with the rude people at the Mazda dealership, we finally got them to move their cars.

And so I chose where we were going to drill, and they cut the asphalt and began vacuuming the soil to get it ready for drilling on Monday.

And true to my talents which any good and true geologist has, I placed the location directly on an unmarked utility.

Now, we cut a 2-foot square out of the asphalt in preparation for a well box. This line is running straight from one side to the other exactly bisecting our square.

We had already moved off of a marked gas line, and had chosen the direction we moved due to an overhead electrical line. And as it turned out, we were on the far edge of our USA marking.

So the upshot is that I had to re-mark for USA, schedule the geophysical utility locator, reschedule the vacuum clearance crew, and extend the driller's scheduled time with us.

It was a long day in the field with nothing to show for it except a nice 2-foot square of new black concrete.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I had other things to post about today, but I recently got a call from a coworker. Her father has passed away, and she has to fly home for the funeral.

My thoughts are with her, and I wish her a safe journey.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Stuff and Such

I got Jennifer's iPod all loaded up last night. She is very happy.

I gave up trying to read Deus Irae by Roger Zelazny and Philip K. Dick. Insanely too surreal for me. I remember slogging through it as a college student, but I don't feel the need to try so hard this time. So I'm on to Coils by Zelazny and Fred Saberhagen. It'll help keep me in the mood for our GURPS Psionics campaign.

It turns out I'm going to be traveling to Seattle at the end of April. I'm going to meet a friend and see a play she is directing. And sight see a bit.

And finally, I vow never to buy a Mazda unless they come up with cheap fusion cars. the people at the Mazda dealership in Santa Clara have been rude and unresponsive over some access issues. I hope to get it all worked out by the end of this week, but if not our schedule is going to be screwed.

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