Thursday, April 16, 2009


I discovered something yesterday at the gym: listening to music while working out makes me work harder than listening to Smodcast.

Yesterday, because of the new Kim Harrison book in my hand, i decided to read while working out and listen to my rock playlist. This instead of listening to the latest SModcast, as has been my recent want.

And it turned out that by subconsciously matching my rhythm to the music instead of two mellow guys talking, I worked harder. My pulse went from edging close to 120 to being over 130 for most of the time in the gym.

A good thing to know.

Then on top of this, I have a bit of personal joy to share. At the beginning of March I had a physical related for my 40-Hour HAZWOPER certification, and found out I was down to about 195 pounds from anywhere between 200 to 205 for the end of last year. Tuesday I decided to check on the balance at the gym, with a little fewer clothes and without shoes. It turns out I am down to 190 pounds.

That was a nice little pick me up.

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