Friday, April 03, 2009

Mad Geo Skillz

So after dealing with the rude people at the Mazda dealership, we finally got them to move their cars.

And so I chose where we were going to drill, and they cut the asphalt and began vacuuming the soil to get it ready for drilling on Monday.

And true to my talents which any good and true geologist has, I placed the location directly on an unmarked utility.

Now, we cut a 2-foot square out of the asphalt in preparation for a well box. This line is running straight from one side to the other exactly bisecting our square.

We had already moved off of a marked gas line, and had chosen the direction we moved due to an overhead electrical line. And as it turned out, we were on the far edge of our USA marking.

So the upshot is that I had to re-mark for USA, schedule the geophysical utility locator, reschedule the vacuum clearance crew, and extend the driller's scheduled time with us.

It was a long day in the field with nothing to show for it except a nice 2-foot square of new black concrete.

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