Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seattle - Sunday

Oh the distances travelled on foot this day...

Sunday began with a walk uphill on Queen Anne to a cool breakfast place that was originally a house. I had a waffle this time, and while it wasn't very warm, it was good and came with some really good bacon.

Then we walked down Queen Anne, back to Seattle Center and went to the Science Fiction Museum. I made a long list of books that I want to read, and enjoyed lots of cool props from television and movies.

And so, we went back up hill.

We stopped for a snack at Chocolopolis. They had a wide selection of chocolate bars, and then some crafted pieces of chocolate. I got a bar of 94%, a dark chocolate truffle with nibs, and a butter chew with gold flakes.

And then down hill (a little) and across the Highway 99 bridge. Under the bridge we saw the Fremont Troll, and then we headed down hill to the Fremont Sunday Market. We walked through the market, and headed around to Theo Chocolate. That's Theo, short for Theobromine. And at Theo, they had borken up samples of every bar they sell, all for the tasting. If I had not jsut bought some 94%, I woudl have bought their Theo Venezuela Dark Chcolate 91% bar. But I had enough samples to carry me through. I did get Jennifer a Dark Chocolate With Orange bar, a bag of roasted nibs, and two peanut butter confections that turned out to be like butter fingers.

We walked back through the market, adn I found a Herkimer diamond with two little crystals growing on it's side. When i get a picture taken of ti, I'll be sure and post it. Dian immediately asked what I plan to do with it.


I said figure a way to display it with the other two that I ahve.

After the market we had lunch, and then walked to the Gasworks Park. At teh top of a hill there is a human sun dial where you stand at a specified location depending on the day of the year, and your become the gnomon for the sundial. It's very pretty with bronze inlaid in concrete in the form of signs of the zodiac.

From the gasworks we walked to the University, and hit several bookstores including two comic book shops.

And we then walked back to the apartment taking the lower Fremont Bridge back to Queen Anne.

Total round trip at least 12.5 miles.

Here and here you can see my blisters if you really want to. The one on my right foot had a little blood in it.

I put band-aids on them to protect them, and we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens. I enjoyed it, and now I have to take Jennifer to see it too.

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