Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I should have said...

So yesterday evening, Jennifer and I figured out the colors for her miniature for the GURPS beginners game. It was a nice creative process involving chocolate and alcohol. I look forward to getting started on it. Probably not until I get back from Seattle though.

Tonight, I got to about 95% of the centaur. Click on the picture on the left and check it out. It still needs the black wash for contrast, and (through the pictures I've taken) I can see some thing I need to fix. But otherwise, I am very happy with how this turned out.
This picture was taken with my new camera. Costco is having a sale, and I got a new Olympus FE-370. It has a nice large display on the back, 8 mega-pixels and a 5x zoom. And the best part (especially when taking pictures of miniatures at full zoom with shaking hands) is that it has steady-cam. This thing is great.
I also got my hair cut today in preparation for my trip. And tomorrow night, I'm packing.
This is also the countdown for Guinness' 250-Year anniversary beer which comes out Friday.

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