Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Winner, Winner, Kryptonian Dinner

So a couple weeks ago, Neatorama called for submissions for a contest for superhero inspired tattoos.

Just a few days ago they listed their favorites, and called for votes.  I was catching up on my feeds from being on vacation, or I wold have posted it and asked for my friends to vote for me.

This afternoon, I got an email letting me know that I had won the "staff choice award"!

I get two free t-shirts from the Neatoshop, so I chose the best of the few Superman options called The Pledge, and a Miskatonic University shirt.

I'm all kinds of excited, and will post a link to the results when they post them.

Back to Work

Today I am back to work after a week of time off.

Jennifer and I went to visit some friends where we had to fly.  I discovered a couple years ago, that flying in a Utili-kilt is really great.  Plus there's the added bonus of watching people's reactions as I walk by.

This time, the TSA was a little more relaxed about me.  They even showed me on the screen why they needed to pat me down.  Essentially, it's the rivets and buttons; they show up as little points of interest all up the sides and in the front.

However, the best part was my return trip and getting on the first plane.  After I scanned my boarding pass, the agent complimented me on the kilt.  Then she asked me where I was traveling to.  I said, "San Francisco."

She said, "Ohhhhh."

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Relief is Relative

It says a lot for how hot it has been in Lodi lately that today seems like a relief to be forecast to only reach the mid-80s.

Sunday apparently it was unbearably hot nearing 110, and Monday wasn't much better hitting 106. And that was with a breeze from the west.  Nothing like a hot dry wind blowing across you to make you want to hunker indoors.

Yesterday was a little better being in the high 90s, but the wind was still there.

This morning bike ride to the site was almost pleasant.


Monday, June 09, 2014

Solar Freakin' Roadways

So there's not much time left on this campaign, but I watched the video again, and I wanted everyone to hear about it, so I'll shout out to may tiny cross-section of the internet.

And if you'd like to get in on it, there are still eleven days left ,as of right now, to get in on their Indiegogo campaign.

So if you have the wherewithal, go and do.  And if not, then share the video.

One. More. Week.

I am nearly done in Lodi.  This is the last week.

After five and a half months, I will get to sleep in my own bed seven nights a week.

And I won't have to deal with the insane temperatures of the valley anymore either.

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