Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back to Work

Today I am back to work after a week of time off.

Jennifer and I went to visit some friends where we had to fly.  I discovered a couple years ago, that flying in a Utili-kilt is really great.  Plus there's the added bonus of watching people's reactions as I walk by.

This time, the TSA was a little more relaxed about me.  They even showed me on the screen why they needed to pat me down.  Essentially, it's the rivets and buttons; they show up as little points of interest all up the sides and in the front.

However, the best part was my return trip and getting on the first plane.  After I scanned my boarding pass, the agent complimented me on the kilt.  Then she asked me where I was traveling to.  I said, "San Francisco."

She said, "Ohhhhh."

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