Thursday, July 13, 2017


The title of this post could also be called "How I Was Offered a Bribe to Withdraw My Review"

So, I recently had an shitty experience with a seller called Unbeatablesale, Inc. on Amazon.

I had been looking for an affordable 4-Bay, hard drive docking station.  I found one for a pretty good price, and placed my order.  My delivery arrived pretty promptly, but when I opened it, I found I had received the wrong product: a SATA to IDE adapter.

Now, I like Amazon, especially for this sort of thing.  So through the order section, I contacted the company letting them know of the mistake carefully listing the product order and the product received.

I soon received and email which asked me what I had received instead of the adapter.  I corrected them in the email and received another email asking the same question.  I corrected them a third time and then received an email asking the same question, but directed to a woman named Monica.  I pointed out there error once again.  And heard nothing for two days.

Then I wrote them an email asking what the progress was asking for the item or failing that a refund with a request for how to return the item I had wrongly received.  I was told someone would contact me shortly.  The next morning, I sent a similar email and was told the same thing.

So, I was frustrated.  I went through the old emails and found a phone number.  I called, gave them my reference number, and was told they needed to check their notes.  I said, you men the notes where I am ignored.  He said, I have an email here of us responding.  I asked him to read all of the notes and see how confused they were and how slow they had been to respond.

He started by saying that perhaps it had been listed incorrectly.  He checked the numbers, and said, no apparently i's correct.  He told me that he would have to call his warehouse, and that I would be contacted in 1 to 2 days.

This morning I received this email:

Please be advised this item was listed incorrectly. We will remove this listing from our site and process a refund for your item. We apologize that we are unable to provide you the item you expected to receive. Please expect a follow up email regarding your refund.

Now, I had chosen this product because it was USB 2.0, I didn't need extremely fast speeds.  This was just for using hard drives from our old laptops.  They had it listed for about $40.  Looking elsewhere online today it is listed for about $120.  The USB 3.0 is around $160.

Now, because I was frustrated and angry, I wrote a review of the company (not the item).  I have to say that I hate being limited to 300 words as it limits my language.  But anyway, here it is.  You can click on it to expand it.

Not long after posting the review, I received this email:

I am very sorry for this inconvenience.
I have received approval to issue an additional refund off of your order.  This will be issued after receiving your confirmation.  Please see the below instructions and confirm to proceed when complete.
Thank you and please accept my sincere apologies.

All followed by instructions on how to delete my review of them.

Now, I'm not one to let free money go away, but I'm not going to sell out my principals either.

So I'm writing this post, posting it everywhere, and then I'll delete my review.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Classic Binge

So, a few weeks ago, Stephen Furst passed away.

We immediately brought out our Babylon 5 DVDs, and made a little shrine with my Earth Alliance and Psi Corps pins.  This weekend we started watching the series again.

Watching it always makes me think of this strip:

Weekend Activity

So, this weekend Jennifer and I attacked our "office".  It's mainly her craft room, but I do stuff in there as well.

I spent some time and reorganized the acrylic paint drawer putting them in ROYGBIV-ish order.  Now we have a drawer of regular colors, and a half-drawer of glitter- and metallic-colors.  We also used boxes to organize the other kinds of paint.

And then I whittled away at my immortality by painting some miniatures.  I only finished one, but several are further along in process.


So, this is Korved Pahmilor.  He's human with skill as an archer and saber fencing.  He's also good at tracking and some other survival-type skills.  He prefers to wear shades of blue and black, and although he is not a member of this world's version of Asian, he has straight, deep black hair.  He is also what is known in GURPS as a Weirdness Magnet.

He's a character created as a tangent to a previous campaign.  For that group, I created what came to be called Fountain Court in the city of Paean Umbara, casually called the City of Shadows.  The court has a couple boarding houses, a whorehouse, a seer, a blacksmith, a plant shop, and a gambling house/inn.  All this surrounding a working fountain.

The plant shop is run by my wood Elf from the other campaign.

Korved's parents run the gambling house/inn.  He had to move out soon after his magnetism started affecting probabilities around him.  So he became a mercenary.  That's what brought him into the present campaign.

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