Thursday, July 06, 2017

Weekend Activity

So, this weekend Jennifer and I attacked our "office".  It's mainly her craft room, but I do stuff in there as well.

I spent some time and reorganized the acrylic paint drawer putting them in ROYGBIV-ish order.  Now we have a drawer of regular colors, and a half-drawer of glitter- and metallic-colors.  We also used boxes to organize the other kinds of paint.

And then I whittled away at my immortality by painting some miniatures.  I only finished one, but several are further along in process.


So, this is Korved Pahmilor.  He's human with skill as an archer and saber fencing.  He's also good at tracking and some other survival-type skills.  He prefers to wear shades of blue and black, and although he is not a member of this world's version of Asian, he has straight, deep black hair.  He is also what is known in GURPS as a Weirdness Magnet.

He's a character created as a tangent to a previous campaign.  For that group, I created what came to be called Fountain Court in the city of Paean Umbara, casually called the City of Shadows.  The court has a couple boarding houses, a whorehouse, a seer, a blacksmith, a plant shop, and a gambling house/inn.  All this surrounding a working fountain.

The plant shop is run by my wood Elf from the other campaign.

Korved's parents run the gambling house/inn.  He had to move out soon after his magnetism started affecting probabilities around him.  So he became a mercenary.  That's what brought him into the present campaign.

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