Friday, January 15, 2010

Santa Clara - Day Five

And the early days are done for a while.

Today we finished our work with a relatively easy overdrill/destruction and re-install. Essentially we replaced a 2-inch diameter well with a 4-inch diameter well.

The "fun" was the safety stand down/meeting this morning. We all got together with my company's health and safety man, six representatives from the drilling company, and the five of us that had been our working on the site.

We discussed the need for proper safety measures using the expedient "what is the worst that can happen?" and "How can I prevent that?" the crew complained that we had not told them that we were writing up the unsafe practices we had noticed, and while we (I) apologized and promised to be better about communicating our activities, we still focused on their lack of safety during the job.

But we got the job done, and I ended up with 63 hours of work this week including office time for reports that I had to review and sign that were today today.

I'm a little tired.

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