Wednesday, January 06, 2010

iPod People

Yesterday I went on a bit of an adventure.

I had been having issues with my iPod. It would hang after syncing or when I would disconnect from my stereo. Also, it would skip on certain tracks. well, I guess not skip, but pause in the middle of a song for a second and then resume.

So i took it back to Costco, and got a refund. Unfortunately they were not carrying the 160 GB Classics at that time, so I had to go on the hunt for an iPod somewhere else. I called Fry's and it rang and rang until it disconnected. Then I called Best Buy, and let it ring. I got tired of waiting for an answer, so I drove off for Best Buy. It disconnected after ringing for seven minutes. I called again, and it kept ringing. Finally, I arrived and hung up.

It turned out that they did have the 160 GB Classic, so I bought it with my refund, plus a bit more because it was a higher price.

Today, I got an e-mail from the Best Buy Reward Zone. It was three coupons for 10% different items. One of those items was small electronics including MP3 players and iPods.

I printed the coupon out, and after my workout, I stopped by Best Buy. I went up to the returns desk, and placing the receipt and the coupon on the counter said, "Yesterday, I bought an iPod, and today in my e-mail I got this coupon..."

Without even needing to say anything else, the woman at the register, took the receipt, refunded the purchase, and then re did the purchase with the coupon. So it worked out that I got a new iPod for about 10 dollars cheaper than my refund from Costco.

I'm happy. And I'd recommend either Costco or Best Buy for electronics purchases. I've had great luck and good service at both stores for many purchases.

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