Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surprise for Jennifer

Yesterday I had a game at John's and was finally able to pick up a surprise Christmas gift for Jennifer.

Jennifer loves to color whether it's with markers or pencils or crayons. And I saw this set of crayons from Japan a few months ago, and after showing them to her had to have them for her.

So I went to the site for the crayons and it was in Japanese. Not too much of a problem, I have a Japanese coworker. I pulled up the site at work, and she translated it. It looked like with shipping one set of the crayons was going to cost around $35. I love my wife, but not that much.

So I pondered it for a while, and brought it up to John. John brought it up to his friend Tim who is married to a Japanese woman. They contacted Tim's in-laws, and John told me (I thought) that they could get me two sets for about $50. I said go for it, and the process began.

Now the shipment arrived in December, but I couldn't get out to meet with John before going to Las Vegas. So last night I picked them up from John at our game.

Then after the game I bought them home, and told Jennifer they were a late surprise Christmas gift.

The word I would use to describe her response would be, "SQUEEEE!"

Oh, and as an extra bonus, there were three sets, not just two.

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