Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well Wishes

I read today on iO9 (through a link to Tribe.net) that one of my favorite authors, Kage Baker is fighting against cancer that has metastasized.

I've been reading her work since I first read Mother Aegypt, a collection of short stories, I have been reading her works as soon as I could get my hands on them.

One of the most touching pieces I have ever read comes from her book The House of the Stag:

Will you never open you eyes to me again? Once you walked with me in the long grass, where the lilies poked though and opened their bright throats, and the white mist was on the hillsides and concealed us when we lay down; and your eyes looked into mine.

Will you never speak to me again? Once you lay with me in the summer groves, and the blossoms drifted over us and the branches bowed with down to my lips, and the long red sunlight of summer dappled the forest floor; and you sang all night long.

Will you never lift you head again? Once you rose, you moved without tiring, and on the dancing green under stars you were light-footed, and through the red and yellow leaves that drifted you were the swiftest in the chase, and brought me down, best of all the young men; and you rose above me high and strong.

Will you never hear my call again? Once I sang like a bird, no heartbroken note, once I sang and you heard me over the meadows, over valleys, over mountains, and groves; once you came to me voice, dropping down swift from here you soared. You heard if I turned in my sleep, you woke if I murmured in my dreams.

But you have been unfaithful, you have listened to the earth’s voice, you have despaired, gone down into sleep and left me to my grief. How will I go after you and leave your children unprotected? Who will care for us now?

Get well soon, Kage. I know it will be a fight, but we all wish you recovery, health, and wellness.

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