Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catching Up

Okay, so it's been a busy time of energy draining activities.

Friday, although I was in the office, was a catch-up day getting things out by deadlines, and being ready for the coming Monday.

Saturday I ran part two of the beginner's GURPS game. They learned the importance of stealth (just because you succeed, does not mean you were undetected), and teamwork against a large force. No one died, but some were wounded, and they have some decisions to make by the next game.

Sunday, Jennifer and I tried to do some hiking, but the dogs off of leashes wrought some havoc with her. No bad incidents, just a strong fear based on bad experiences in the past. We left the Martinez/Lafayette hills, and went to the Martinez marshes. We saw a couple of new birds that we have yet to look up and identify. The nice part was the no dogs rule for most of the area since it's a bird preserve.

Then we went home, stopping for sushi on the way, and watched the last three episodes of this season's "Terminator - The Connor Chronicles", loving every minute, and then two episodes of "Reaper". This was interspersed with trips to the mall (all closed except for Sears) and Smart and Final for ice cream.

Yesterday was finally the last day of drilling in Santa Clara. For this project we broke ground on March 30, and with a few one day breaks, we finished two weeks later. Now I can relax in the office for a while before we return to Stockton for more wells. The weather yesterday was perfect for fieldwork: sunny, but diffuse with high clouds, and a slight breeze all day. Perfect short sleeve weather.

And then when I got home I found my package from Reaper Miniatures. Lots of lead figures, with a completion of wood elementals, and a centaur for Holly's beginner character and a new figure for Jennifer.

Now I'm just left with the little bits of work to finish my taxes.

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ReaperDMV said...

Sounds like a nice day. It has been lovely in the Bay Area! Glad you're watching Reaper. Some of us have started a fansite (reaperdmv.com) and are already trying to save the show! Check us out if you want.

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