Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seattle - Monday

Monday morning Dian was nice enough to care for my blisters by draining them and rebandaging them. After that, shoes were not so insanely painful.

For breakfast, we drove (thank you) to a restaurant in the University district. I had challah French toast that was incredibly good.

Then we drove downtown and parked at the Seattle Library. That is one amazing building. Dian got me good by making me go up several escalators to look out the top. She knows my fear of heights (note how I never said I went up in the Space Needle), but this wasn't too bad. I was able to distract myself with the architecture and the scenery. Then she made me ride the elevator back down.

Then we walked (much more slowly than Saturday and Sunday) to the Utilikilts store. We had to kill some time at another book store until Utilikilts opened, but when there I bought a heather gray Mocker. Just like the one in the picture. It's kind of like a dress slacks version of the utilikilt. I had wanted a denim one, but they've been discontinued.

But we did a little more walking and I can use this picture to prove I was really there.

And then it was time to go home, so I was driven to the airport, and Dian went on to a meeting and rehearsal for her next show. The flight back was a little rougher with a young boy behind me who kept kicking my seat. I would look back at his mother who would apologize and then reprimand him by holding him down or something. At that point he would begin screaming because he was (apparently) being stifled. I was glad to have my headphones on at that point.

Then I got home and Jennifer took me to La Piñata for a return margarita. And that night I related her my entire trip.

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