Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seattle - Saturday Night

After getting cleaned up, Dian and I went to sushi for dinner. It was a really good restaurant she knew of that has happy hour food. We got three rolls, a sushi assortment, a tempura plate, and my beer for less than $30. The dinner experience was great too with some more good conversation (like we hadn't been talking all day while we walked), and she dropped some hints about the musical. All of which would become obvious during the show, but I went in completely ignorant about.

Then we drover over to the theater, and stopped at a nearby place for dessert. I had an excellent chocolate cupcake that had that fancy hard and smooth icing on it with a soft icing flower on top. All in chocolate. And combined that with a nice lemonade. Dian had a German chocolate cupcake with tea.

And then I finally decided this event was worthy of taking pictures. Only two, but I did at least take some.

Then we moved on to the musical. "Gutenberg! The Musical!" is a very funny show. It mocks big musicals (smoke and fog, turntables, multiple musical styles), as well as the selling process of a new production. It's a two man show with a pianist present for the music. All characters are denoted by cheap baseball caps that have the character's name written on the front. Very smart and very entertaining.

After the show, we went back to Dian's apartment and crashed to be ready for Sunday's incredible amount of walking.

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