Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Clean Shaven Man

So, tomorrow I have my annual physical and respirator fit test in compliance with my HAZWOPER certification.

Because of the respirator fit test, I have to be clean shaven to ensure a snug fit.  This is essentially the only time that I am clean shaven.  Typically, I have a beard.  Except for the occasional Halloween, I only shave completely for this test.

New Year's Eve, Jennifer and I were in the San Francisco on Union Square, and I saw this store on the corner next to Macy's.

I believe had seen a store one of their stores in Las Vegas a few years ago when we were there for Christmas.  I was tempted at the time to try them out, but decided it was not the time.  This time I made an appointment.

This evening I went into San Francisco, and sat down for a complete shaving at the hands of another man.  This is the first time anyone other than myself has ever shaved my face.  My experience at The Art of Shaving was incredible.  Hot towels, essential oils, clay masque, and a fine shave.

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