Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Saturday Jennifer and I spent the day at Pedalfest at Jack London Square, and we had an amazing time.

The festival used the new(ish) indoor farmers market building for free bike valet, so we rode over and then dropped our bikes off knowing they would be safe.

Then we went around gathering up free stickers and stuff.

There were lots of local bike shops present, but also biking accessories and bike supporting groups.

Jennifer made a bracelet at the Oakland Public Library booth out of an old inner tube, a snap, and a bicycle stamp.

We both signed up at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's booth for Spare the Air alerts and got free bike lights.

We're also supporting Measure BB for Alameda County for the spreading of bike lanes like the green strip up 40th Street in Oakland, as well as funding to BART for their new cars for better bike parking on the train.

Jennifer got some saddle bags for her bike, and I got a new t-shirt.

And we got these little guys for our bikes from Raven Bike Registry.

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