Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Truly Zen

So after the horribleness of multiple tube punctures in the rain, I ordered some new tires for my bike.

But not just any tires, Tannus Solid Tires.  Unfortunately, there is only one distributor in the US, and that is Cycle to Go.  In Tuscon.

But they were incredibly helpful and friendly over email, and helped me choose the correct width and diameter tires for my bike.

Installation was tedious, but simple as I had to insert the little yellow tabs about every inch around the circumference of the tire.

The only real difficulty was getting the tire onto the rim of the wheel.  Fortunately Jennifer was around to hold the wheel as I pulled the tire into place.

Then it was just as easy as using the provided tool to push the pins into the rim of the wheel

And they are amazing tires.  They feel a little different to me because I've been riding on hybrid tires for a couple years, but otherwise there is no difference.  By finger squeeze they feel like well inflated tires.  the best part is that I never have to check the air in them again,

If you want to see the best review that I found before buying, watch this:

And I have to agree.  there's not much to say about them because they simply perform like regular tires.

I can address a comment that a coworker was given about them.  Apparently someone claimed that in the event of hard breaking, the tire can keep going while the wheel stops.  Essentially they are describing sliding in the rim.  Now, Sunday I tried a hard stop coming home from a ride, and the bike and tires stopped just fine.  I think anyone who has issues with the tire sliding in the wheel got a tire that is too big for their rim size.

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