Wednesday, July 27, 2016


So, I read a lot.  This is no real surprise if you know me and/or read this blog.

I am about halfway through Neal Stephenson's Seveneves. And while I'm enjoying the book, I am also getting angry while reading it.

I've read lots of... okay, we'll call them post-apocalypse books, but it's not always an apocalypse.  Sometimes it's a disaster.  Sometimes it's a crash.

My favorite is Larry Niven's Lucifer's Hammer.  A comet hits the Earth, and things go bad and badly in California.

Another that comes to mind is David Brin's The Postman.

The thing these two have in common is mercenaries who end up as cannibals.

Now, in Seveneves, things are pretty dire, and there are a small fraction of humans how find a way to survive.  What makes me angry is that Stephenson isn't satisfied with just getting the survivors to struggle to survive, he has to add Politics.  And it's capitalized for a reason.

I guess it just is how I am, but political intrigue is not needed at this point in the book.

Not that I'm stopping reading, because if I feel this strongly about it, it's surely and enjoyable book.

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