Saturday, March 21, 2009

300 - And a trip to Sac

Today Jennifer, Holy, and I went to Sac to see "Avenue Q". The production was really well done, and there are things in the show that are not found in the soundtrack.

The puppet work was pretty good, but I found myself looking at it with a critical eye from doing puppets in junior high and high school. The hardest part is remembering to move your thumb in the jaw and not your fingers which makes the head go up and down. The rod work for the arms was really amazing, but I have to say my favorite parts were the two person puppets.

These are puppets that have two "real" hands, not stuffed hands on rods. These two hands mean that a third operator's hand has to be used in for the mouth. ow when we did it, we tended to do one person for the hands and one for the mouth, but the way they did it in the production was one person for one hand and the mouth, and a second person for the other hand. I wish we had thought of that back then.

But I think it could have been odd seeing the hands fight each other for the wheel when we did "Moving Right Along".

(Oh, and by the way... "THIS! IS! BLOGGER!" Thank you.)

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