Thursday, March 12, 2009

Waves of Creation

Lately, I've noticed an ebb in the size of my posts. Maybe it's from posting everyday, and maybe it's just cyclical (now that's an incredible word).

Sometimes I find myself thinking, "Ooh, that'd be great to post about, and then it fades away as I approach the computer and wait for Blogger to load. Some things seem profound when they're in my head, but in the cooling off period, I just think that there's no point in mentioning them.

I've tried describing dreams, and can rarely remember enough to make a coherent post.

They same waves of creativity control my miniature painting. Some days I could paint all night, and all week. Other days, I just look at them and think what a chore it's going to be to paint them.

I try my hand at drawing occasionally, and that rarely goes well enough for me to keep going. I can do shapes as long as they're not too round, and people are right out.

Jennifer thought that me posting every day would get me back into creative writing, and sometimes I look at my stuff. But I either don't see where to go, or simply mourn the loss of my notes from a car break in over 7 years ago.

There's just so much to do. And so much to listen to. And so much to read and reread. And so much to watch (and I don't watch that much TV). And so much to see.

I think if I can break myself of some of these compulsions, I have, then I might have more time.

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