Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meh... and Lights

Last night was unspectacular.

It was good to see mom and dad, and the food was good, but things remain strained. There is tension between them and Jennifer that they won't address without attacking or being overly defensive. They came over afterwards for hot chocolate and chat time. Lots of small talk and not much else.

Typical as I think there has only ever been small talk or big confrontations.

Today was lighter and much more pleasant. Jennifer and I slept in, she ran some errands, and I read. Then we did the Christmas gift opening with her parents over the phone.

And then we had dinner at BJ's and went out in search of Christmas lights.

We found several good ones, but the depressing thing was the over the to one from several years was not on this year. they actually had a sign out apologizing saying that there had been a family emergency that had prevented them setting up the lights.

Tomorrow we watch football, and pack for our trip.

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Janet A said...

I think it is time you stop venting on your blog and talk to us. We have tried to talk to you and to Jenniffer. You refuse to talk to us. You refuse to admit there is a problem.

Jennifer insulted me, Ann, and disrupted a family dinner. We tried to calm things down and it wasn't going to happen. No apologies came from you or from Jennifer.

I am sorry you think we were and are terrible parents. I am sorry Jennifer thinks we are terrible and deserted her. If the two of you would listen to us, you would realize we have gone through hell for the last 7 years. And our life is not getting any easier. You have given us no support and now you have told us and the world how uncaring we are.

There is much to talk about. But you would not open up to Marty when he tried.

Yes, I am defensive. You have made it plain you care nothing about me or Marty. You have made it plan I was a terrible mother. You also made it plain that your Dad was terrible too.

I do not care to endure any more hurt from you. If you ever care to really talk, I am here.


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