Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Of Course You Realize, This Means Wor...

I've been having a craving for wor won ton soup for a couple weeks now. However, when I would try to get others to go to the specific restaurant I like for won ton soup, no one wanted to go.

I can understand this as the only thing really good about this specific restaurant is their wor won ton soup.

The dumplings are the best, and the soup is full of shrimp and slices of pork and chicken. It's great.

So today, I went by myself.

I walked in and sat down, and when the waitress brought me the menu, I just asked for a large wor won ton soup. She asked if I wouldn't prefer a medium, because the large is so big, but I said I knew how big it was, and wanted the large. I finished it too alogn with a compelte pot of tea. And it was so good.

I think I'm satisfied for at least the rest of this year.

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