Friday, May 16, 2014

Hair Has Ears

So, it's been a while since I got my hair cut.  How long?  Before I was in Lodi, so sometime late last year.

Thursday morning, I decided to schedule a haircut, and found an opening for this Friday.  I didn't say anything out loud until last night talking to Jennifer when I told her when my appointment was.

Now for many months my hair has been manageable; it's styled fine.  I'm getting it cut just because it's past my eyebrows and the styling options are dwindling.  Now while in Lodi, I've been showering at night, putting in mousse and lightly styling in the morning.  I wear a bike helmet when I ride, and a hard hat most fo the day, but the hair still needs to be managed.

This morning?

Worst.  Bed-head.  Ever.

And so, today between wearing a hard hat, for the first time in Lodi, I'm wearing a baseball cap.

How does the hair know?

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