Saturday, May 24, 2014

What Monkey? Where?

So, I discovered today just how easy it is to get back onto caffeine.

Last weekend, Jennifer and I were at Safeway, and they had Sobe on sale.  Now, I'm still upset that the Dragon flavor is gone, but I salve the wound with Citrus when I think about it.  So I got four bottles, and went on my way.

Unfortunately, we forgot to go to Trader Joe's, so I only had the half bottle of lemonade for my lunches. 

So, Monday morning I had one on my way to Lodi.  Then i had one for lunch on Wednesday after my lemonade had run out.  Then Thursday there was a pizza party lunch, and I was too weak to say no to a Coke (or two).  Then there was Friday's lunch, and I had one Sobe left.  So of course I needed something to drink on the drive home...

Then today about 2:00, I started getting a headache.  By 4:00, it was pretty bad, and my temperature was fluctuating.  I had a craving for chocolate, that ended up being like how Robin Williams describes taking a quaalude after having cocaine (like throwing bricks in the Grand Canyon).  Then I had a sudden thought about how good a cup of tea would be.

As I was choosing my tea, it hit me that it'd been over 24 hours since my last hit of caffeine.

About halfway through my first cup of tea (I'm on my third cup of Peet's Gunpowder now), my headache faded away.

So yeah, it's just that easy.  I'm going to stick with tea this weekend, and just go lighter through Monday.  Probably David's jasmine and Ten Ren's Dragonwell.

Then this week, I'll wean myself off of it over the coming week.

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