Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Discworld - the First Witch

And so we come to the first book of Terry Pratchett's witches: Equal Rites.  And through this book we learn that Pratchett has a vision of not just of the geography of the City of Ankh-Morpork and the continents of the Disc, but a full structure of the various ways that the parts of the continent connect.  He has rivers and mountain ranges.  He also has the beginnings of the idea of the inherent magicalness of the Ramtop Mountains.

Equal Rites flows smoothly from beginning to end with just slight hiccups that I feel are more due to editing than writing.

Again, Pratchett had many ideas he wanted to get down, and you can fully sense that there is more to come.


This book contains appearances by:

Bad Ass (of the Kingdom of Lancre)
Eskarina Smith
Granny Weatherwax
Mr. Skiller
Mrs. Whitlow
Ohulan Cutash
The Dungeon Dimensions
The Fiddler's Riddle
The Librarian
The Million to One Chance
The Rag Rug
The Ramtops
The Shades
Unseen University

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