Monday, April 27, 2015

Thank You

So, this weekend, was a mixed bag of emotions and friends.  Jennifer was traveling, so I was on my own.

Friday night, I spent with two of my best friends.  We had a great time together being geeks and watching "Game of Thrones".  John and I... strode to BART in the rain, and I rode home in the dark and the rain.  As always, I'm glad that I keep Ziploc bags in my vest for electronics protection.

Saturday was too windy to ride, so I lingered at home and did little electronic and computer projects.  And lots of free time spent thinking about missing Jennifer and other people.  I'm no longer in contact with.  But I had cats to keep me company.

Sunday was a day for an amazing ride along the water to Richmond and back.  Winds were low and the sun was high.  And after the ride, more time with the cats.

Today, I came across the below graphic.  It appears to have been captioned by someone other than the artist.  However the sentiment is great.  Thank you to all of my friends.

The original is here.

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