Friday, February 19, 2016

Well, Blow Me Down

Wednesday after the long weekend, I was back on my bike, and riding to work.

Monday it was so nice, Jennifer and I rode up to the end of the New Bay Bridge trail.  They're behind schedule because we were supposed to have a completed trail to Yerba Buena and Treasure Island by October of 2015, but no the projection is Summer of 2016.  Most of the trail and path is visible, but it's nowhere near completion.

Wednesday there was a storm on it's way into the Bay Area, and it was blowing from the southeast.  And it was blowing at 18 miles per hour and gusting to over 30 mph.  I rode in a relatively low gear the whole way to BART.  And when I got to the platform, the train was just pulling away.  And I was worn out.

Today riding to BART there was a bit of wind, but it seemed like a cute, little child trying to be like it's big, strong father.

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