Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ooh, That Smell...

This morning I was making my lunch for the day, and went to the fruit bowl for my apple (man, that's still hard to spell right).

Under some tomatoes and a couple plums was a nectarine that had gone bad. Right on top of my apples.

Two of the apples had gone bad as well, and the plums were pretty ripe.

As I was cleaning up the bad fruit and washing the bowl, the smell of rotting fruit gave me a mini-flashback.

Between the ages of 7 and 12, the house I lived in had several fruit trees and a garden. An "ornamental" plum tree that produced huge amounts of small plums every year. Then in the back were an apricot, a peach tree, and an orange tree which were no less prolific. In between the peach and apricot was the garden. And my parents' favorite thing in the garden? Tomatoes.

Mine was artichokes, but we never let those rot.

Not that we let the other stuff rot, it was just that birds don't eat half of an artichoke and then throw it on the ground. Artichoke plants also don't get 15 feet tall producing divine tasty treat beyond the reach of the harvest boy and his trusty fruit plucking basket on a stick.

So my spring and summer chores were to pick up the rotting fruit from the garden, yard, and sidewalk.

And my parents wonder why I don't like fruit.

Then there was the day in college when one of the other geology students came in with a grocery bag of tomatoes. She offered some around, and then proceeded to spend the day eating them like apples. Of course they were getting bruised at the bottom and were leaking juice. I had to make sure that I didn't sit close to her that day as the smell was making me nauseous.

Mom and Dad's luck continues to run true as their latest house has a large persimmon tree in the front yard that has proven immune to Dad's dormant spray. They've talked about cutting it down, but it's a nice shade tree for their front yard. So if anyone out there like persimmons, just drop by for a visit when they're in season and you'll be sent home with bags.

Yes, bags. Plural.


Janet A said...

Yes you were the harvest boy. But Mom was out there picking up fruit also. And then we had Benji the Wonder Dog who walked on his back legs and picked and ate the peaches and apricots. He also jumped the fence and ate the tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

Oy, persimmons are very fragrant smooshy when they rot! Be glad you didn't have to clean up after a persimmon tree.

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