Sunday, September 19, 2010

Such a Fine Read

Today I finished a very fine book.

Another one recommended by io9, The Walls of the Universe by Paul Melko is a story of alternate realities and a boy who get caught in traveling through them with a device he doesn't understand.

It reads fast, and yet is long enough that I didn't feel like it was done before it got anywhere. But at the same time as I reached the conclusion, I read faster to know what was going to happen.

It's a small thing, but I really the concept that neighboring worlds as they are numbered by the transfer device are not slightly different. Similar worlds can be hundreds of parallels away.

The io9 article says that Melko has a movie deal for The Walls of the Universe, and a sequel is is on its way.

He has another book entitled Singularity's Ring. I've just finished reserving it at the library.

But what do I read now?

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