Thursday, September 09, 2010


WTF Jeans that is.

Many months ago I read about WTF jeans, and thought they looked pretty cool. I was intrigued enough that I looked up their web page, and ordered a pair.

Now this is a start-up company, and they were gathering funds to do all of the work. They were taking payments through PayPal, but ran into a problem. PayPal requires that all products be shipped within one month of payment. Now as this was in the beginning of the year, with planned shipment around the first of September, that wasn't doable.

WTF had to refund all of the money, and then resolicit payment through credit cards. I repaid for the jeans and then waited for September.

My jeans came in yesterday. Of course, Jennifer and I were out at mail delivery time, but I picked them up today, and couldn't wait to try them on. They use the same measurements as a pair of Levi's, and are low rise. The length of them are perfect, and they've got a button fly. The picture of them on the webpage are cool, but it's even cooler to have a pair of my own.

Now I'm torn between wearing my new WTF jeans tomorrow or my new utilikilt to work tomorrow.

As their slogan says "WTF Jeans - wear them FTW"

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