Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Good Day, and a Good weekend

Today Jennifer and I ran errands. Nothing really important, but we had a fun day together. I actually slept in a little for once. I woke up at the staggering hour of 8:30. I haven't slept that late in months. I had just been telling John how my internal alarm had been stuck at 7:00 for too long.

The job hunt progresses. It's a pretty good day when even on a Sunday you can get 4 resume submittals out. And two of those are to Apple and Google.

Yesterday being the second weekend of the month we had our roleplaying session. And for the first time we played at Steve's place in the City. And Steve GMed. It was a nice break for me (even if it has been several months since I've game-mastered anything), and a great break for John since he's been running things for a long long time.

The adventure was tons of fun, and towards the end at a pretty breakneck pace as Steve worked hard to get done in time for John and me to get to BART before thy stopped running. The urgency of the deadline required some pretty impressive speed of thought on all players and the GM as well. It was like reading a book towards the end and you feel your almost flipping the pages you're reading so fast to get to the end to find out what happens.

And it didn't detract at all.

We we all ready with required actions and reactions. We even handed off rule look-ups so that it didn't slow anything down.

And now the workweek returns, and I return to looking for work.

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