Friday, February 04, 2011

Why I Read Comics

Today after doing my allotment of job hunting, I took some time and watched a movie from Netflix: "Superman-Batman: Apocalypse".

It's an animated adaptation of the story arc from the "Superman-Batman" comic book where Supergirl was reintroduced to the DC Universe. It begins with her arrival on Earth, and her discovery by Batman. Then goes into her training with the Amazons on Themyscira, and her capture by Darkseid. Then it continues with her rescue by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Big Barda, and ends with Superman and Supergirl alternately fighting Darkseid at the Kent Farm in Smallville.

I've re-read the books many times. The story is fun. It allows the heroes to let loose. And good triumphs.

The conclusion in the movie has Superman presenting Supergirl in her uniform to the Amazons and she makes a speech about how she does not yet feel worthy of the uniform. But she promises that she will.

It's a little sappy, but it made me smile and actually tear up a bit.


I've fallen a bit behind on my comics lately. The comic store in Livermore that I go to was closed for a long time for some unknown reason. I haven't been back to see if it has reopened. there was just a note on the door saying it would be closed until further notice. I had to do something to continue and catch up.

When I went to WonderCon last year the LICD/LFG booth had business cards for this webpage called Comic Pull. I was happy with my store at the time, but I began trying them out in December.

All orders are 10% off and large enough orders are free shipping. You can also get bags and boards for a very minimal price.

What I've had to get used to is the arrival in a box. There's a bit of fun in going to the store and picking the books off the shelf. In checking the covers and seeing other books you might want.

I think this is why I'll be so resistant to going digital with comics. It seems pretty stupid.

But I've got about a month and a half of comic books stacked up waiting to be read. I've had books come in from the library that I've had to read, and I've been really into the Discworld books.

After watching this movie though, I'm going to get back into reading more regularly.

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