Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Discworld - They're Watching You

Now we are finally at the beginning of the tales of the Watch with Guards! Guards!.  Vimes is mostly a diminutive Clint Eastwood, but had bits of Humphrey Bogart thrown in.  Again there are beginning hints of the power of narrative.  Once again, Pratchett weaves a story that wanders around the city and comes tightly together at the end.

Jennifer said that as Pratchett writes a book, his "chapters" start long and by the end sometimes they're little more than a few paragraphs long.  To be fair he rarely uses chapters until he gets to the tales of Moist von Lipwig, but instead separates scenes by a white space break, but what she says holds true.  It reminds me of a prose poem we read my junior year of high school.  It used varying spacing in it to indicate different speeds of events.  It was about a cowboy doing trick shooting, and the rapidity of shooting a series of cans had the words of the numbers almost merged into a single word.

When Pratchett is in his stride, his writing is reminiscent of that.

[Also, I seem to have jumped ahead in my eagerness to get to the Watch.  I'll be backtracking for "Troll Bridge" and Pyramids.]


Appearing in this book:

A Dwarf Bar
Blind Io
Carrot Ironfounderson (Lance Constable/Constable)
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler
Detritus the Troll
Dwarf Bread
Dwarven Kings
Fred Colon (Sergeant)
Havelock Vetinari (Lord Patrician)
Igneous the Troll
Intelligent Rats
Ironfounderson the Dwarf
Jimkin Bearhugger's Whiskey
Nobby Nobbs (Corporal)
Samuel Vimes (Captain)
Sybil Ramkin (Lady)
The Librarian
The Mended Drum
The Million to One Chance
The Pork Futures Warehouse
The Trousers of Time
Unseen University
Vetinari's Aunt

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