Thursday, May 28, 2015

Leaving the Late Night Drive-In

Last night Jennifer and I were looking for something to watch.  We were flipping through videos available on Amazon streaming, and came across "Leap of Faith".

We're not sure why we are drawn to this movie.  We had both seen it separately prior to even dating each other, and have watched it at least three times together.

The thing is that the movie makes us so angry.  The manipulation of the townsfolk.  The credulity of the general public for the "miracle" of the opening eyes.  But Steve Martin is amazing in it.  no one else could have played that part.  There were points where you think, maybe Robin Williams, but he couldn't have stayed focused on the character.

And it's just one of those films we tend to come back to.  Whether it's to refresh our skepticism, or just to watch a great performance.

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