Monday, May 18, 2015

Discworld - Uncle Osric

Moving Pictures is probably more full of puns and mentions of things from our world than any other book of the Discworld except for maybe Soul Music.  During my time reading this, I walked by the television as Jennifer was watching TCM and felt a wave of connection between the reading and the movie on the screen.

Again there is magic making animals intelligent.  This is the introduction of Gaspode who has another of my favorite lines in the books: "A door like that bodes."  When asked what it bodes, he responds, "Just general bodingness."

It is certainly another book that the more you know, the funnier it is.  Knowing how the real Academy of Motion Pictures award got its nickname.  Knowing that a silvery metal that requires lots of ore and is heavier than lead most certainly can go bang under the right circumstances.  it's full of little tidbits.

The next book, Reaper Man, was my number one favorite for a long time.  It's a Death book, so no real surprise there.  It held the title until I read  Thief of Time.


Appearing in this book:

Corporal Nobbs
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler
Death (and Binky)
"Do Deformed Rabbit..."
Gaspode, the Wonder Dog
Greyhald "Tudgy" Spold
Miss Marietta Cosmopilite
Harga's House of Ribs
Morraine the Troll
Mustrum Ridcully, Archchancellor
The Bursar
Chair of Indefinite Studies
Window Poons
Lecturer on Recent Runes
Ponder Stibbons
Dean of Pentacles
The Librarian
Rock (ne Galena) the Troll
Sargent Fred Colon
Sendivoge, Alchemists’ Guild
Sham Harga
Silverfish the Alchemist
The Head Priest of Blind Io
The Hi Ho Song
The Mended Drum
Things from the Dungeon Dimensions
Unseen University
Vetinari, The Patrician

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