Monday, July 20, 2015

Discworld - A Time for Dying

So this is it, Thief of Time is my favorite Discworld book.

It's a book in the Death sereis, and it's has Susan in it.  But it also has the History Monks, and the introduction of "slicing time".  And then just everything about the Auditors learnign about living.  They had a bit of that at the end of Hogfather, but the poroblem is that those that die don't have a chance to warn the remainign Auditors what it's like to be alive.

But the greatest thing about this book is how it showcases Pratchett's skill of the slow, but constant, build as well as the interweaving of story threads.  There are the threads of Susan, Death, Lobsang and Lu Tze, Jeremy, the Auditors, Ronnie, and the story of Wen.  All of these come together neatly, and, literally, the storm hits just over halfway through the book.

And then, the events directly lead to Night Watch, which may be my number two favorite.


Recurring themes and characters in this book:

“The Hedgehog Song”
Almanack de Gothic
Bonsai Mountains
Death of Rats
Dhlang (The Things from the Dungeon Dimensions)
Events in Small Gods
Koom Valley
Leonard of Quirm
Lu Tze
Marco Soto
Mrs. Marietta Cosmopolite
Nanny Ogg
Old Man Trouble
Quoth the Raven
Rule One
Susan Sto Helit
The Apocryphal Apocalypse
The Auditors
The Brothers of Cool
The Bunch of Grapes
The Clacks System
The Dysk
The Four (Five) Horsemen
The History Monks
The Listening Monks
The Opera House
The Quirm School for Young Ladies
The Ramtops
The Royal Art Museum
The Thieves’ Guild
Tooth Fairy
Twurp’s Peerage
Weaver family of Lancre

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