Monday, July 06, 2015

Discworld - Vampires, Pictsies, and Phoenixes

This is last book that Pratchett writes from the perspective of Granny Weatherwax.  We'll see her again a few times, but after this only as Tiffany Aching sees her.

I liked the bit of mystery in this one, as well as following Agnes Nitt.  It's also only the second time we've met an Igor, but the Igor that works at Biers in Ankh-Morpork doesn't have the stereotypical speech impediment of those fresh from Uberwald.  Also the concept of "what comes around goes around" is introduced which I think is pretty amazing way of making Igors a kind of karmic force.

And the cool part is that we get to immediately return to Uberwald in the next book The Fifth Elephant.


Recurring characters and themes in this book:

Agnes "Perdita" Nitt
Bad Ass
Beastiality Carter
Bergholdt Stuttley “Bloody Stupid" Johnson
Big Jim Beef, Troll
Black Aliss / Alison Weatherwax
Blind Io
Cena, The Prophet
Events of Small Gods
Granny Esmerelda Weatherwax
Hodgesaargh, Falconer
Jason Ogg
Lily Weatherwax
Magrat Garlick, Queen
Millie Chillum
Mrs. Scorbic, Cook
Muntab / The Muntab Question
Offler, the Crocodile-Headed God
Ossory, The Prophet
Queen Griminir
Quite Reverend Mightily-Praiseworthy-are-Ye-Who-Exalteth-Om Oats
Shawn Ogg
Simonites (Simony, Sgt.)
Spriggins, Butler
Tacticus, general
The Baron of Uberwald
The Death of Rats
The Nac Mac Feegle
The Ramtops
Unseen University
Vaelock Vetinari, The Patrician
Verence II, King
Young Esmerelda

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