Sunday, August 17, 2008

Erik's got a brand new bag... soon.

I know, I know, but I haven't had much to say.

Last Saturday, we had out GURPS game at John's. That morning I had to get gas, and when I went to put the credit card back in my bag, the zipper jumped the track.

Yes, I carry a bag. I'll even call it a man bag. It's not a purse. It's definitely not a murse. It's a Tumi that my dad gave me when he bought a replacement. I was really appreciative because at the time, I was having back issues because of my wallet. So it was perfect. And I filled it up.

Things I keep in my bag:
So I'm getting this one today. Hopefully. I wasn't going to have the money until today, so I had them set it aside, but if anyone else wanted to buy it they would have to go ahead and sell it. They being the Tumi store in San Francisco Centre. As a back-up there's another store at 100 Grant Street, so I can call there too. Additionally there's one in Walnut Creek, but they don't keep that model in stock.

But, I'm expecting all to go well. And I'll have my bag soon. It will be the same model as the one I had, just updated. I have no idea how old my old one was, but I used it for almost five years.

Monday night I had to fly out to Irvine (ahhh, scenic Irvine) for the annual XOM all consultants meeting. I thought I was going to go crazy without my bag. I survived, but only because the boring monotony of the meeting kept my bagless stress dampened.

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