Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tattoo Show

Monday is Jennifer and my 8th anniversary. And today we celebrated it by going to the Cow Palace in San Francisco for the Body Art Expo. Body Art means tattoos, piercings, and other exotic things.

We watched my friend Steve get his cat Max (a Maine coon) on his shin. And Steve's wife Lisa got a mermaid on her leg. We kept them company while they were getting the work done, and bounced around the place looking at the jewelry, and other artists and people getting their own ink.

We had a much better time that the first time we went three years ago. That one was fun, but I didn't have any ink yet, and we didn't understand the motivation of a person getting one. I was leaning towards getting one, but was really afraid of the pain, and couldn't picture getting one done in public.

I still can't. I like getting it done in a studio with a relatively small audience and little to no distractions.

Jennifer almost got some work done today. She was getting swept up in the experience. She might get a tattoo done the next time we go.

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