Sunday, August 03, 2008

Long Long Day

Yesterday was did not start well. We had planned to run up to Placerville to pick up our wine shipment at the Lava Cap Winery. But we had to be back down to Fairfield for a party at 5:30. We ran the times backwards, and thought if we left at noon, we would have plenty of time to get up there, taste a little, and then drive back down to the party.

Traffic on Interstate 80 was surprisingly thick for the middle of the day on a Saturday. I expected cars, but not the slow and go we had. Then as we were passing through West Sacramento, the Magellan was telling us there was a disabled vehicle in the middle to north of Sacramento. The traffic was stopped, so we got off at Jefferson Boulevard, and as we went over the interstate, we could see that less than a mile from where we got off, a CHP had the road blocked. We pulled off, and called the winery to have them ship the wine, and then had 3 hours to kill before the party.

So we went to the Nut Tree. Or the travesty it has become. The stores are the typical strip mall, and then there are the pathetic rides left over from a bygone age. It's pretty sad. On top of that was the heat that was just oppressive by California standards.

The party that night was wonderful though. Everyone grilled food they had brought (we had pork ribs, white corn on the cob, and potatoes). And we played some game that you had to get the rest of the group to guess the name of the song and the group that you had been given. We played this for at least two hours. Jennifer and I didn't get home until 2:00 AM. It turned out to be a great day.

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