Monday, April 12, 2010


Okay, so indoor plumbing is wonderful. I agree whole-heartedly, and would not want to consider what it must have been like to use an outhouse.

But I've seen one innovation in my lifetime.

The float used to be attached to an arm that would shut off the flow of water to the tank, now the model is to have the float rise up the pump shaft, and shut off the water that way.

And that's all I've seen. Okay, sure there have probably been materials changes, but still.

So my issue recently has been the flap that keeps the water in the tank. Not at home, the home toilets are working great. But at a friend's this weekend and at the office last and this week. And the problem is the chain. Now I know about the problems with most common metals and water, but can we have some sort of fix please?

All I ask for is a chain that is long enough to allow the flap to close, but not too long that it can't be raised by the flush level. And connections between the lever and the chain, and the chain and the flap that keeps them flexible and mobile.


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