Sunday, April 04, 2010


Well, it was quite the weekend.

I took Friday off (balanced with working the previous Saturday), and Jennifer and I attended three days of Wondercon at San Francisco's Moscone Center.

Friday, we arrived and wandered a bit. We saw some good panels. I got to see Lisa Coleman of Wendy and Lisa who do the soundtrack for "Heroes", and the two guys that did the music for the animated "Avatar, The Last Air-Bender." We got free music at the end including music from the finale of the series. Then Friday evening we saw Kevin Smith doing his Q&A.

Saturday, Jennifer dressed up as Donna Troy, we wandered the floor, and she got interviewed by some guys working on a documentary. Then saw two really great panels. One was led by three psychologists and they analyzed Batman's rogues gallery. Then immediately after we saw a presentation by an archaeology professor on the factual and fictitious archaeology in the Indiana Jones movies. Both were really fascinating.

Today we split up again and I watched an interview with the writer of the comic books Superman and The Justice League of America. He was fascinating to listen to. Then I went to a panel on cover art with artists from the sixties through the present.

Jennifer and I got some great shirts and other memorabilia, and had a thoroughly wonderful time.

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