Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Over the weekend, Jennifer and I watched "Pandorum". It was a cool concept, and I enjoyed both the mystery and the surprises, as well as the thing I was able to figure out.

And I was happy that it had an ending. A real ending that made sense within the context of the movie.

I told Jennifer that it was much better than "Event Horizon" and she agreed. We chatted a bit about "Event Horizon", and I told her my long ago observation that I described it to people as a cross between the video game "Doom" and the movie "The Black Hole".

She said she hadn't seen "The Black Hole."

I said, of course you have. Disney movie. Anthony Perkins. The Cygnus. The first Disney movie not to be rated G.

She said that no, she hadn't.

I got online to Netflix immediately, and it arrived the next day.

Sunday we watched it.

It's not a great movie, but it is a fun movie. For about 90% of the film.

The physics is (are?) inconsistent (free fall, lack of atmosphere, etc.), but the scenery is amazing.

But then they enter the black hole, and the movie becomes stranger than Spock mind-melding with V-Ger (a movie that came out the same year, BTW).

But it is a classic that took old cliches, like Captain Nemo and a mad scientist, and made a whole new cliche out of them.

And still not "Sunshine" nor "Supernova" have ever come close to being as much of a substitute acid trip like the end of "Event Horizon".

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