Thursday, August 12, 2010

The New Gods

Once there was a world with three gods.

Each god was given dominion over different pieces of land on the world and different races of beings. And so together they created and populated this world. They even gave one small piece of land each to two lesser gods.

Over time their world flourished, but two of the gods became possessive of their world. They looked on other lands and desired to reshape them. When the third god went away one day, they divided his lands between them, and molded them to their will. One god even took over the lands of the two lesser gods.

Then did the two gods enjoy their power, and for a time all was good.

Then in their arrogance, each of the two gods gave temporary dominion over one of their lands to two demons. Both demons did then pervert those lands for a time, and the gods grew angry. They wrested power of their lands back, and strove to hide all evidence that the demons had ever had dominion.

Now again the world flourishes, even growing larger as the gods spread their influence over it.

At again, all is good.

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J said...

So it is written. Amen.

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