Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Volume, Volume, Volume

This week's big new appears to be that Starbucks is adding a new size of drink. There is apparently an uproar that the drink size (31 ounces) is larger than the average human stomach.

My first reaction is, "But what is the size of the average American's stomach?"

And then I look over at my old 7-Eleven soda mug. I use it at work for water now. I've got a few and they hold 1.538 liters. That's 52 ounces. And the last time I checked, 52 is greater than 31.

My big mug is about 10 years old.

But let's go a little further back. Think hard now. How long have you been able to buy 32 ounce sodas at any fast food restaurant you might care to name? And most of those have free refills.

Someone at Starbucks is just good at PR and they've got people talking about the new size.

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