Sunday, January 09, 2011

Yeah, Whatever...

The rest of the week went pretty well. The driller's helper was a bit frustrated with us for the way the week went. Our primary concerns were water, and keeping the hole open. Thursday we left three holes with temporary casing in place, and then Friday we sampled the water in them. But these were some pretty impacted locations.

There was even little blebs of free product in the water samples we collected.

And I've decided I should never describe the weather patterns for the week to someone in the middle of the job.

Tuesday and Wednesday the weather was amazing. There was no fog on the other side of the Sunol Grade, and we got up to around 60 degrees.

Then I told Jennifer on Thursday not to worry about me being cold, described the weather, and then went on to be a bit chilly with high clouds.

Friday morning, I said we'd be fine, and again described the fog situation. Then on our drive Friday, the fog situation was reversed, and while were only on site for a few hours, it never got anywhere near warm. And we were sampling water, so even though we were wearing nitrile gloves with work gloves underneath, our hands were still cold and hurting.

I'm actually looking forward to being in the office this week.

And then this weekend was been spent enjoying my time with Jennifer, sitting on the couch and watching football. I've done a lot of computer stuff.

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