Monday, August 31, 2015

Discworld - Everybody Does It

The World of Poo is the second tie-in book for the Discworld.  It's another children's book, but this time one that is trying to teach more than just reading.

It rides the edge of a book that is set in a world that is setting itself in that same work being fictional in that fictional world.  It was fun to read, and brought out even more Pratchett's interest Victorian times.


Recurring themes and characters appearing in this book:

Bergthodlt Stuttley “Bloody Stupid” Johnson
Carrot Ironfoundersson, captain
Cunning Artificers
Doughnut Jimmy
Events in Feet of Clay
Felicity Beedle
Gumption snuff
Harry King, knight
Havelock Vetinari, patrician
Interchangeable Emmas
Jolly Sailor Tobacco
Offler, the crocodile-headed god
Sto Lat
Sybil Ramkin-Vimes
The Agatean Empire
The Ankh-Morpork Royal Opera House
The Brass Bridge
The College of Heralds
The Counterweight Continent
The Quantum Butterfly
The Street of Alchemists (guild)
The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons
Unseen University
Young Sam Vimes

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